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Journeys of discovery

Posté par ACMadmin le 2 juin 2022

HOME IN TUNISIA recognises that it is natural that many of our clients wish to visit our region of Tunisia. As well as a financial investment, it will often be an emotional investment in your long-term future. As such, they developed a structured programme for the inspection trip. In addition to showing you your points of interest, you will also explore the region, visiting picturesque towns such as Tunis, Hammemet and Sousse. Immerse yourself in the culture, cuisine and natural beauty that Tunisia has to offer. You will also visit our offices in Sousse and meet our experienced support staff, who are here to advise you on all aspects of your purchase and beyond. ________________________________________

What is the purpose of our voyages of discovery?

• To visit the developments that interest you. As well as seeing the projects you are interested in, you will also see other projects at different stages of development. It allows you to see the quality and type of finish. It is a great way to compare different opportunities in an informative and relaxed way, with a professional approach at all times.

• You will also have the opportunity to visit our completed show homes.

• To discover the hidden beauty that is Sousse, Tunisia. See for yourself what the Tunisians have hidden and why Tunisia has been a popular tourist destination for decades; and why it is increasingly exposed to the European second home market.

• First through your sales consultant, then through your sales manager, our discovery tours will give you a valuable insight into the region and its cultural attractions.

• You will visit our Tunisian office and be introduced to our help desk coordinators. They are there to advise and support you during the purchasing process and introduce you to our after-sales service.

• We strive to ensure that all voyages of discovery are focused on your needs and we pride ourselves on creating a relaxed, no hard sell atmosphere.

What are the options?

We provide you with an advisory service

and we can offer you tailor-made discovery trips to meet your needs. Once our sales consultant has assessed your needs and ensured that we are able to commit to your travel dates. Before booking flights, we recommend that you confirm your dates with HIT. Wherever possible, we will try to accommodate your main travel dates.

You may wish to join us for a full inspection trip or you may already visit Tunisia and meet us for a date that suits you better.

The inspection trip :

After the initial consultation with your telesales consultant, you will be ready to visit us on one of our tailored inspection trips. Our telesales consultant can help you book flights and advise you on visa requirements if necessary. After choosing the dates and booking the flights, they are able to coordinate your accommodation. We are able to book you a room in a luxury 4* hotel through our corporate accounts, which we are normally able to provide at a reduced rate, subject to availability. Our inspection trips usually last two or three days and we can provide single, double, twin and family rooms with cots if required. Although our inspection trips follow a structured process, we try to be as flexible as possible to meet your individual needs. The itinerary is designed to help you fully understand all the issues surrounding your purchase.

You will be assigned a sales manager who will be your personal guide for the duration of your visit. In general, most of our clients fly into Monastair or Tunis-Carthage airport. On arrival at Monastair or Tunis-Carthage airport, your sales manager will be waiting for you as you leave the plane. They will be waiting to identify you by holding up a board with your name and HIT. You will receive a welcome pack and be taken directly to your hotel for refreshments. Your sales consultant will plan your schedule, so don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as possible and, if there are any special interests, don’t hesitate to recommend them.

Over the next few days, you will be introduced to your interests. We will also take you to see some of our current and completed developments. This not only allows you to see the quality and finish of our developments. We are also able to show you some of our show homes: this helps you visualise the look and feel of your future property.

As part of this inspection trip, you will be taken to our Tunisian offices to meet our staff. You will meet our sales manager, who will personally welcome all new customers on arrival. You will usually have a number of questions to ask our support and service coordinators after you have seen all the developments of your choice. They are there to guide and advise you on the full range of services we offer beyond purchasing.

There are also aspects of your purchase that we do not handle in-house and we can introduce you to independent lawyers for all your legal needs and financial advisors for your mortgage needs (French clients only).

Finally, one of the key ingredients of your voyage of discovery is to experience Tunisia. Visit the picture postcard towns of Sousse, Hammamet, Monastir, El Jem, Mahdia, Sidi Bou Said and Hergla. Be enchanted by the genuine warmth and hospitality of the local people. Be amazed by the local beauty and diversity. Dine on exclusive outdoor cuisine and develop your taste for Tunisian wine. We guarantee you a trip you won’t forget and we offer you the tastes and flavours of Tunisia and the times to come.

Our service :

• We can help you book flights back to your home country.

• You will be accommodated in a subsidised 4* hotel.

• We can help you with the visa formalities

• We organise transfers to and from the airport

• You will be visited by a consultant fluent in Italian.

• Visit the developments of your choice

• Organisation of a tailor-made excursion to local towns and tourist sites.

• Offer you a wine and a dinner and let you taste the Tunisian cuisine.

• Visit our offices and meet our sales manager, support services and after sales team.

• You will receive legal representation for your property and visa needs.

• You will be introduced to the financial representatives (French clients only).

• Let yourself go to Tunisia – Your home away from home

Appointment :

For those who wish to travel independently and have already prepared their own research, we can meet your individual needs. You may be visiting Tunisia for a holiday and wish to spend a day or two during this period to visit our developments.

We can offer you tailor-made appointments to meet your personal needs. In general, they are more focused on visiting our developments and are oriented to meet your individual needs.

Our qualified sales consultant will understand your needs, your schedule and your local contact details. You may wish to make final arrangements before visiting Tunisia. You can also be flexible and make arrangements once in Tunisia. In any case, you will receive all the contact details on site. We are here to take the stress out of your stay with us. Once in Tunisia, you will be contacted by a sales manager. They will finalise your appointments and itinerary. They will usually pick you up at your hotel or at a pre-arranged location. You may also have a car and wish to follow your sales manager or travel independently to the site. We can provide you with the coordinates of Google Earth and the map.

We understand that your time is valuable and we will endeavour to show you all the developments you wish to see. These tailor-made meetings are organised to meet your needs. Your sales manager will be happy to show you personally the developments of your choice, for as long or as short a time as possible, and you will have the opportunity to ask our representatives any questions or concerns you may have. You can also take full advantage of all our support services and benefit from in-house support and after-sales services. We can also introduce you to independent lawyers and financial advisors for all your legal and mortgage issues.

Our services :

• Meet at a pre-arranged location (usually your hotel).

• You will be assisted by a member of staff who speaks Italian.

• Visit your projects, your investments of choice

• We answer all your questions

• Visit our offices and meet our sales manager and sales team.

• You will receive legal representation for your property and visa needs.

• You will be introduced to financial representatives (professionals or pensioners only).

We will always strive to offer you total hospitality and meet all your needs. Remember that the trip and the inspection appointment is also a serious business trip and we advise you to keep this in mind.

As there will be a lot of driving, we advise you not to bring children if possible. In our experience, we have found that long travel days can be tedious and boring for them.

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